Châteaudun detention center

31 avenue du Colonel Parsons, 28205 Châteaudun

GEPSA holds a contract with the French Prison Service.

We are committed to offering you the best possible conditions when you visit the Family Center, in partnership with local associations.
Our agents make telephone appointments.

Ils sont aussi présents dans le local d’accueil pour vous informer et vous orienter, par exemple :

  • To reserve a visiting room
  • About opening hours
  • On childcare options
  • To access the facility…

Colis de fin d'année 2023

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Note à l'attention des familles: Ouverture demande dématérialisée des permis de visite le 28/08/2023

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Permis de visite

To visit a detainee, you must obtain a visit permit and reserve a visiting room.

The visit permit is
personal and nominative.

Each visitor (including children)
must be in possession of a visitor’s permit in order to take
a visiting room appointment.

Visiting permits may be issued to persons other than family members under certain conditions.

If the detainee is transferred, the visit permit remains valid regardless of the destination prison.

Obtenir un permis de visite

Put together your application for a visitor’s permit by filling in the forms and providing all the necessary supporting documents.
If the application is incomplete, illegible or incorrect, it will be rejected.

A qui adresser le dossier ?

  • For a person who has been “detained”, i.e. convicted and whose sentence is final:
    To the Director of the Châteaudun Detention Centre
    31 avenue du Colonel Parsons BP 90 129 28205 CHÂTEAUDUN CEDEX
    02 37 97 55 00
  • If the person has appealed his conviction :
    To the Public Prosecutor of the Versailles Court of Appeal
    5 rue Carnot R.P. 1113 78011 VERSAILLES CEDEX
    01 39 49 67 89

Documents required to obtain a visit permit

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Réserver un parloir

Reminder: You must first have received a letter from the prison administration validating your visit permit.

As soon as you receive this validation, you must book your appointments on the website:

Réservation internet

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  • For more information, you can book an appointment online at : penitentiaire.justice.frare as follows:
    • Reservations for the Saturday visiting room will be possible until Wednesday lunchtime.
    • For the Sunday visiting room, reservations will be possible until Thursday at noon.
  • You can also book the visiting room by telephone on 0800 022 0200 (free service and calls) at the following times:

Monday to Friday 09h00/11h00 and 14h00/16h00

  • You can also make your visiting appointments on the terminals provided in the family reception area.

A GEPSA receptionist will guide you through the process.

Explanatory leaflets are available at the family shelter and at the entrance to the facility.


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Procédures pour le parloir

For visiting room appointments, each visitor must bring :

  • A valid ID. The visitor must hand it in on entering the establishment and collect it on leaving.
  • For visitors accompanying a child, the family record book (livret de famille) to prove the family relationship, as well as a piece of identification or an identity card for the minor child (e.g. school, bus or sports card).

Number of authorized visiting rooms

  • Convicted :
    1 visiting room per week + public holiday

Number of visitors authorized per visiting room

  • 3 people maximum
  • Visitors under 18 years of age must have the permission of their parents or guardians, and be accompanied by an adult who holds a visitor’s permit.

Effets personnels des visiteurs

There are lockers in the family reception building, where visitors can leave personal items not allowed in the prison (e.g. handbags, cell phones, cigarettes, cash, etc.).
GEPSA encourages you to bring a €1 coin (deposit) to close the locker, so that you can deposit unauthorized items in the visiting room.


Visitors will pass through a metal detector to enter the facility, as well as :

  • People with medical prostheses must inform prison staff and produce a medical certificate.
  • Visitors should avoid wearing metal accessories: jewelry, metal buckles (shoes, belts), watches, etc.

Cas où l’accès peut être refusé au parloir

  • Visitors without a permit
  • Visitor without ID
  • Visitor who has not booked a visiting room appointment
  • Visitor not complying with site security rules

Accueil des Enfants

GEPSA reception staff are qualified to welcome children aged 3 and over.
To visit a divorced or separated detained parent, the latter must prove that he or she has access rights to his or her minor child.
Visitors under 18 years of age must have the authorization of both parents or of the person with parental authority, and must be accompanied by an adult who holds a visitor’s permit.


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Avant le parloir

In the family reception area, children are offered activities to help them wait. During this period, the child remains under the full responsibility of the supervisor, who is responsible for his or her supervision.

Certain equipment, such as changing tables, cots, bottle warmers, microwaves, etc., are available in the family reception area.

Pendant le parloir

For small children, you can bring certain nursery items into the visiting room, which must be wrapped in transparent plastic:

diapers, prepared bottle or small capped water bottle, baby wipes, “doudou”, pacifier.

For children over the age of 3, who do not wish to or cannot attend the visiting room, and at the request of a parent, the receptionist may provide free childcare for the detainee’s children under 2 conditions:

  • The person making the request must be able to prove that he or she has parental authority over the child by producing the family record book, his or her identity document, and an identity document or birth certificate for the child concerned.
  • The person making the request must sign the GEPSA authorization form. Without signing this document, staff are not authorized to take charge of the child.

"Des boites aux lettres sont à disposition dans le local afin d’y déposer les dessins et poèmes réalisés par les enfants pour leur parent incarcéré (après validation de l’administration pénitentiaire)"

Horaires des parloirs

You must be present 45 minutes before the start of the visiting room. Any delay will result in cancellation of the visit.


FAMILY CALL TIME Beginning of visiting room End of visiting room
8h15 8h45 9h55
9h35 10h05 11h15

Opening days and times for the family reception area:
Saturday, Sunday & public holidays: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

FAMILY CALL TIME Beginning of visiting room End of visiting room
13h00 13h30 14h30
14h20 14h50 16h00
15h40 16h10 17h20

Envoyer de l'argent

Every prisoner has a personal account. This account can be used, for example, to “canteen” (buy products in the canteen), to build up an exit nest egg, or to meet any obligation to compensate victims.
This account is managed by the prison’s accounting department (Régisseur des comptes nominatifs). The sums paid are allocated to the prisoner’s disposable allowance in accordance with the rules set out in the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Approvisionner le compte

The registered account can be funded :

  • By money earned by the inmate within the establishment (e.g. by working in the workshops or general service)
  • By external transfers

Envoyer des virements

Cash, chequebooks and bank cards are FORBIDDEN in detention.

Portable Document Format (PDF), 54 КO

By bank transfer

  • At the bank counter or online
  • Complete the transfer order by filling in the three fields:
  1. Beneficiary: administrator of the nominative accounts of the Châteaudun Detention Center
  2. RIB: that of the establishment’s nominative accounts (see above)
  3. optional or free” field or “reason for transfer” (31 characters): enter the prisoner’s registration number (space), surname (space) and first name (must be entered in this order).

Further information

  • If the information is incomplete, incorrect or illegible, the transfer will be rejected and returned to the sender.
  • Bank transfers made from a tablet or phone do not work (loss of information), only those made from a fixed PC are operational.
  • If the inmate is soon to be released or transferred, it is preferable to avoid making a transfer.
  • If the prisoner is not authorized to collect money (no authorization from the judge in charge of the case or the head of the prison), the prison administration will reject the transfer.
  • It takes about 2 to 5 days from the transfer order to the payment of the money into the inmate’s registered account.
  • If you are planning to make a transfer from a foreign account, you should first contact the bank’s “régie des comptes nominatifs” department.

Contacter une personne détenue

It is not possible to telephone an incarcerated person, but they can call under certain conditions.
In the event of a serious or important event, contact your probation officer.
on 02 37 97 55 30

Contenu du courrier autorisé

  • stamps (maximum 10)
  • envelopes, stationery
  • photographs of my family
  • all documents relating to family life and the exercise of parental authority

Contenu du courrier interdit

  • No passport photos
  • No money (cheques, cash, etc.)

Ecrire à une personne détenue à l’adresse de l’établissement :

Detention center
31 avenue du Colonel Parsons
BP 90 129
28205 Châteaudun CEDEX

Specify on the envelope the detainee’s first and last name, prison and cell number.

Apporter ou reprendre du linge

The facility has a laundry service that enables inmates to have their laundry done free of charge. Families can drop off or pick up dirty linen.

Avant obtention du permis de visite

You can drop off a bag of laundry only on visiting days during calling hours.

Après obtention du permis de visite

  • You can drop off a bag of laundry for each visit.
  • Incoming linen must be placed in a plastic bag, with or without closure.
    Sports bags, leather bags or bags with pockets are not permitted.
  • For all linen deliveries, please show proof of identity, attach a list of incoming linen and write legibly on the bag:
  • Soiled linen can be collected on leaving the visiting room.

Contents of laundry bag authorized by the Detention Center

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How to get there